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Real vs. Perceived Pricing...

Our business began after too many family members got the bait and switch when purchasing funeral and cremation products.   We are a direct cremation company.  We don't feature caskets on our cremation site because a casket rental or purchase is not required for cremation.  With our business, you will never be charged a professional fee for the "setting of features" for a viewing cremation.  We vowed instead to provide the best service possible at a fair and affordable price.

When you see prices like $289, $350, or $495 on other sites for cremation, that may be the price just for the process of cremation. Unfortunately,  more often than not, these "low ball" prices are only designed to get you to call their business.  Frequently, other fees are added on at the time of sale.  Beware of fees added on for things like transportation, viewing cremations,  professional services, or government fees, etc.

Amaryllis Cremation's package prices for direct cremation begin at $795.oo.  There are NO HIDDEN FEES!   We work with you, not against you, to make our service affordable for you and your family.  This price includes 3 certified death certificates and the county cremation approval fee.

When you call a business for service, their
attitude should be helpful and forthcoming.
Please don't be misled or bullied.

aryllis Cremation LLC 

Florida License # F060088

3461 Edgewater Drive
Orlando, Florida 32804

(407) 970-2009

Direct Disposer in Charge:
Sarah Lopez Sequenzia
Florida License # F059453

100% Price Assurance !!!

If you live in our Central Florida service area, your price for Direct Cremation Packages start at $795.00.  We will never charge you more for our basic service.

The Central Florida service area includes the Greater Orlando area or Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties.

Customers will receive a discounted price for paying by cash.  And, at-need sales to consumers are not subject to sales tax.

Direct Cremation Basic Package Details...
     (utilize this list when calling around for prices) 

From the time you place a call for service to our office, until the time we return the cremated remains to you, we will be available for you, 24 hours a day.

Removal of the deceased from the place of death and transportation to the crematory.

Refrigeration, as required by law, of the deceased until the time of cremation.

Conference with family in office, on site, or in your home regarding direct cremation.

Preparation and electronic delivery of original death certificate to doctor.

Obtaining cremation approval from County Medical Examiner.  

Filing of original death certificate with County's Office of Vital Statistics.

Cremation with an alternative cremation container.

Electronic name verification with, and notification of death to, the Social Security Administration.

Legal, public death notice placement in the Orlando Sentinel as requested.

Returning of cremated remains as directed by family in a rigid container.

Conference with family regarding how to access forms necessary for Veteran’s Benefits, including but not limited to obtaining a Veteran's flag.

Providing family with an original Certificate of Cremation from the crematory.

Referrals to other professionals such as Probate attorneys, and independently owned and operated funeral homes if you desire a formal funeral prior to cremation.

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