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Why Do 
People Choose Cremation?

Of course, there are many, personal reasons why people choose cremation. Below we have listed the more prominent ones.

Saves money:

Direct cremations are typically chosen by individuals or their loved ones for price, and price alone.

Saves land:

Cremation is considered as the "green" alternative.

Desire to “go home”:

Since Florida is considered a retirement location, many individuals want to “go home” after their death. Direct cremation allows ease in returning cremated remains to a special location out of the State. This reason goes back to price because costs associated with returning cremated remains are significantly less than other alternatives.

Religion and lifestyle:

Direct cremation is frequently chosen because someone does not want a traditional service. They may want a service arranged and directed by family or their loved ones at home, at their church or temple, or at a favorite public place like a park or restaurant.

Increase of options:

In addition to having cremated remains buried in a cemetery or entombed in a mausoleum or columbarium, the following options are available: kept at home; separated and kept by multiple family members; separated and placed in memorial jewelry or other keepsakes; and scatterings at home, in the sea, or by air. Scattering on some public land is available with proper permission and permitting.

Time to heal:

Choosing a direct cremation at the time of death allows the “shock” to wear off, multiple parties to be notified, and time to “heal” prior to making decisions regarding the permanent placement of cremated remains.

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What is 
green cremation?

Someone who chooses a green cremation is choosing:

To not to be embalmed (no state in the U.S. requires it).

To be cremated in a facility that uses highly efficient filtration systems.

To be interred or delivered in an urn made from renewable resources, many are bio-degradable.

Scattering options that ensure a light footprint.

Everything in the natural world is recycled and we should allow ourselves and loved ones to return to the beauty and flow of this natural cycle.

Many people choose cremation, and it can be earth friendly.

Choosing a green cremation now relieves your loved ones of the distress that comes in having to make difficult, and often costly, decisions after your passing.  Involve your friends and family now, so difficult decisions do not need to be made in a time of grief. 

The cremation process...

... begins with a call to our office.  

A professional, removal service is then dispatched to transport the deceased to refrigeration facilities as required by law.  

We will meet with you at your home, our office, or another location of your choosing to make arrangements. 

Forty-eight hours must pass prior to cremation, and all cremation cases must be authorized by the Medical Examiner's office.  

After obtaining all of the required authorizations from you, the Death Certificate must be certified by a physician.  

You will also be asked to sign a Cremation Authorization since cremation is a non-reversible choice.  

When all of the required paperwork is returned from the family, physicians, and government agencies, the deceased is cremated and the cremated remains are returned to the family.

Next of Kin Hierarchy

Frequently, we are contacted by someone who had Power of Attorney on a loved one and they are trying to organize the cremation.  Designations such as Power of Attorney and Health Care Surrogacy end when the person dies.  

Florida requires that we follow the Next of Kin Hierarchy.  This hierarchy can only be "trumped" by having a legal Will & Testament prepared by an attorney that names an Executor/Executrix or a Personal Representative or Agent.  In order to qualify as next of kin when a loved one dies, you must be over 18 years old. 

The hierarchy is as follows:

Adult Children

When obtaining cremation authorization, we are required to get authorization from each member of a Next of Kin "class", or do our due diligence in attempting to obtain authorization.  This most commonly becomes an issue with the adult children class and the sibling class.

If you are the adult child or sibling of the deceased and do not disclose others in your class, you at at risk of legal action by others in your class if you authorize cremation without their permission.

At this time Florida does NOT recognize domestic partners in the Next of Kin hierarchy.  And, Florida does NOT recognize marital separation, only divorce, unless a criminal act of domestic violence has been committed against the deceased.

Unfortunately, we have had to contact spouses that have been absent for years, and have been unable to help loving partners because proper legal planning was not done. 

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